Advent Project

Dear Church Family,

Whether Christmas is the “most” wonderful time of the year, or the second most wonderful time of the year (Easter), is an open question. Regardless, Christmas is an incredible time of year. A time to reflect on God’s faithfulness and grace. And a time to reconsider our lives in light of Jesus’ incarnation (Phil. 2:1-11). Our Advent Project is intended to help us do these – reflect, remember, reconsider – in an incarnational way.

This is the tenth year we have done an Advent Project! The projects are selected by the church staff based on recommendations from our Mission Team. Our goal is to invest in God’s incarnational work, both globally and locally, through people with whom we already have a vital partnership. This year we have selected South Side Youth Outreach (SSYO).

SSYO has a mission to build strong young lives so our community will thrive. They bring a holistic approach to their work throughout Corvallis, primarily in South Corvallis, meeting physical, spiritual, emotional, and environmental needs of children and youth. Their ministry programs include educational assistance, mentoring, meals, Bible study, summer school, and more. More than programs, SSYO exposes children and youth, many from very hard situations in life, to the love, compassion, and hope of Jesus Christ. You can find out more about SSYO here –

Our tradition has been to fund a particular project and there are many at SSYO – a new fence, interior and exterior painting, replacing their buses with 12-15 passenger vans, repairing or replacing playground equipment – but in God’s providence, He has called upon us to give to SSYO in a time what they may need most is a financial injection in their operating budget. In light of this need, we will be giving simply trusting SSYO to use the funds as they best see fit.

Our goal is $15,000! In reading Ruth, I’m struck by the magnanimous generosity of Boaz whose provision for Ruth goes well beyond the letter of the Old Testament gleaning laws (Ruth 2:15-17). Ruth left Boaz field after one day of gleaning with close to fifteen days’ worth of barley. Let’s pray and give and see if we can be magnanimously generous… what if we could give $15,000 to SSYO this Advent!

You can participate in our Advent Project by giving financially online here (tag the donation for “Christmas Advent Project”) or writing a check indicating the money is intended for the Advent Project. Make checks out to FBC Corvallis. We have supplied special envelopes to help in our bulletin. Of course, you could participate in more ways than giving money… you could give time. SSYO is always looking for volunteers and they have some GREAT projects that some small groups in our church, men’s ministry, or hard-working person might want to tackle.

Christmas in the American experience seems to increasingly be about pressure and purchases and speed and spending. It takes effort to swim upstream and keep Christmas about Emmanuel (God With Us). There is no better way to “experience Christmas” then to be part of His “coming” into the lives of others. So, please consider how you could be part of our Advent Project by giving some of your gift budget, some of your extra finances, some of your sacrificial giving, some of your time and especially much of your prayers for SSYO.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Steve