Communication Commitments

Communication Commitments
Dear church members,
Following our latest congregational meetings, your elders have been collecting feedback from different areas of our congregation.  The picture that is emerging is one where reliable and consistent communication would help us all to get on the same page.  This is a two way street, will you journey down it with us this year?
Here are the six commitments we are making this year to help deepen our relationship:
1) Prayer: each week this year we will be praying for particular members of our congregation.  We will let you know the week before your designated week to collect any prayer quests you would like to share.
2) Personal connection: instead of meeting weekly for our elder meeting, we are committed to setting aside the week of the second and fourth Tuesdays to talk and pray with people.  Here we will focus on; current leaders, future leaders and those with recent life events (hospital visit, death in the family, new baby…) in addition to connecting with the congregation at large.
3) Elder Emails: we will email the congregation about once a month; these emails may include: ministry updates, personal encouragement, a word from the Word, upcoming opportunities and the like.
4) Fireside chats: we will host informal conversations (firesides) where we discuss topics to broaden our perspectives.  This may include; congregational meeting previews, budget, new staff positions, ministry updates, brainstorming solutions to upcoming opportunities and so on.
5) Sunday morning:  we will continue to make Sunday mornings a place to encounter together the holy and loving presence of God connecting to Him through His Word and our worship; by minimizing errors and oversights and maximizing unity.
6) Ministry leaders meeting: we will host a quarterly ministry leader meeting, where the ministry leaders gather together to encourage and update each other.  Once per year this will be help off site and focus on the goals for the upcoming year.
We are hopeful that committing to these will allow us to deepen our relationship with the congregation and open the channels of effective communication.

Daniel, for the Elders.

On behalf of the FBC Elders.