Mission Connexion

January 15-16

One of the most valuable things about Mission Connexion I rely on every year is the conference’s ability to catch you up with what is going on in the worldwide kingdom mission of Christ.  Encouraging stories from the new people and  gospel movements all across the globe have given me reason to keep up the fight and hope for greater things yet to come in Christ’s church.  This is besides the things you can learn to sharpen your own gifts, passions and calling in ministry.  Everyone of God’s people has been entrusted with the mission and our birth right is to be involved and engaged in the harvest of fresh fruit.

Mission Connexion (Friday 5pm – Sat 4pm) is online this year, for reasons we are all aware of.  But at FBC there are a few opportunities to experience and process it together.

  1. Watch Party – Saturday’s content will be shown in the Fellowship Hall at 9th and Monroe, 9am – 4:15pm.  Masks and distancing will be in play.  You are welcome to come for all or part of it.  For the workshops, there are areas for you to break out and tune in on your own device or group up and take in some of them together.  We will have a break for lunch and we will have some healthy snacks!  Please help me prepare by RSVPing to this email.  But don’t be shy about coming if you don’t reply.  God will work it out.
  2. Zoom Debrief – Since the virtual conference will end earlier than it has in the past, 4:15pm (instead of 9pm), we will do a debrief conversation on Zoom for FBC folks who took in the conference.  We will have a discussion about what you learned, how God spoke to you, and what are some personal action steps you are taking away.  The zoom link is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/6565919953?pwd=eWZBTWVhSUFBVTdkbzlkMHRiYVd1Zz09
    Meeting ID: 656 591 9953  Passcode: fbc

Remember that if you are going to log on yourself you will need to register to get the link at www.missionconnexion.org .  Don’t wait until the last minute, go on the site right now and learn about the 100 workshops, 4 plenary speakers, and the other exhibitors that add more and more value to the time together.  And don’t forget to pray that the Lord moves among His people to be moved and mobilized!


Last year’s Impact: In 2020, we had a good group of FBC people at the conference and some of them shared:

–          “…the last session felt like, “Ok, I know the facts, so now what am I going to DO about it?” I am following God and preparing to go where He leads”

–          “ Brogden’s message made me ready to act, and added to my desire to proclaim God to the nations.”

–          “She encouraged us to pray the Word of God back to Him, so I’ve been doing that lately. She said that prayer clarifies for you where the battle is…  She talked about prayer as walking in a different dimension, and I would like to know more about how to pray like that.”

–          “I am so thankful for the MIssion Connexion conference. It is always informative and God continues to use it to show me new things. … It was inspiring to hear stories of hope and healing through this ministry.”

–          “I think the impact of this message is going to last for years in the lives of many people. I was also blessed tremendously by the BOSS guys!
I got a lot out of the Islam in Indonesia workshop. Lot’s of history, culture, religion, and real life stories.”

My prayer is that you will have your own story of how God used this conference to speak to you this weekend (Jan 15 Friday 5pm – Jan 16 Sat 4pm).


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