FBC and COVID-19

Dear Church Family,

Like our Savior, we want to be a people who show kindness, respect, and love, willingly inconveniencing ourselves in an effort to help and protect others. In this present moment of precaution regarding COVID-19, the church leadership has developed and begun to implement some safety precautions to help slow the spread of this virus. The attached document explains our present approach and future contingency plan should the situation get worse.

What about this Sunday?
As of 6:00 PM on Thursday, March 12th, we have decided to continue with our normal Sunday morning classes and worship service, but with added precautions. This might change as the situation unfolds in Corvallis and Albany.

Should you come to corporate worship or a class?
ONLY IF YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE. I, personally, would encourage anyone who is elderly or caring for someone elderly, or who has a compromised immune system or ongoing respiratory issues to please not come to worship this Sunday.

What if I’m serving Sunday? Again, ONLY COME IF YOU ARE COMFORTABLE! Please do not feel obligated to attend, especially if you are in a high risk category. Simply call me, Pastor Russ, or your ministry leader, and let them know you will not be able to serve this Sunday. We will figure it out.  

What other options is there for worshipping this Sunday? This Sunday we will be testing a live stream option. More information on this will be provided by Pastor Russ tomorrow. Also, you can worship personally, as a family, with friends over the phone, via skype… Be creative!

How will we communicate? In addition to our family email we will be using our church’s website landing page (www.fbccorvallis.org) and the church’s voice message, to communicate any changes to programs or a building closure.  

Please be careful, thoughtful, and calm. We, the body of Christ, can shine the light of Christ and the peace He gives during this time of concern and fear.

Grace & Peace,

Pastor Steve