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Life Groups @ FBC

Dear church members,

I asked Matt Robinson, our Life Group Ministry Leader, to introduce himself and share his heart for Life Groups. Below are some of his thoughts about Life Groups.


Greetings Church Family!

Life Groups are actively meeting and growing at First Baptist. Life Groups are an opportunity for us to grow deeper in our walk with God, share our lives and foster relationships with each other in our church family. An exciting part of Life Groups is building each other up, and encouraging one another, in our personal walk with God by sharing time in the word and prayer. Life Groups include 8-16 people that meet at various locations and times during the week. These groups provide an opportunity to build community for all people, whether new or a long-time FBC member.

I just joined the leadership team of Life Groups to help with the vision of equipping and encouraging leaders. My wife, Jeanne, and I moved to Corvallis in 2016 and joined the FBC family.  We have 4 children (Ben, Virginia, Noelle and Neva).  We recently moved from Minnesota where I served in a similar leadership role for Life Groups at our previous church. Both Jeanne and I have been deeply impacted by small group ministry throughout our lives.  After visiting FBC, we were quickly invited to a Life Group and have enjoyed connecting with people in addition to worshipping together on Sunday mornings.

We look forward to the future of Life Group ministry at FBC.  The Groups are a great way to build community.  Additionally, Life Groups provide a great way to build a culture of leadership development to support the vision at FBC of many generations connecting the next generation to Jesus Christ.  Please pray for the future of the groups including welcoming people and fostering discipleship. We encourage you to consider joining a group. Contact me through the church office to learn more.

In Christ,

Matt Robinson


Being in a Life Group or some similar small group, has been an essential part of my growth as a Christian. So much of our growing is truly dependent upon active participation with other Christians. Just imagine the number of “one another” exhortations there are in Scripture for us to pursue together which are impossible alone. Even the Fruit of the Spirit requires community. So, if you are feeling lonely, needing encouragement, a bit stagnant spiritually, or wanting to find a place to be involved in the church, consider joining a Life Group and experience the love of God shared with each other.

Pastor Steve,

On behalf of the FBC Elders.