Sunday Bible Classes

Sunday Bible Classes

Jesus wants us to “grow in our knowledge” (2 Pet. 3:18) and love God with our “minds” (Mat. 22:37) so we eagerly seek to teach the Bible, teach how to study the Bible, teach sound doctrine that comes from the Bible, and teach about what the Bible says to specific stages/issues in our lives. We love teaching the Bible! We generally offer two or three classes including one study of a specific book of the Bible and one focusing on spiritual growth or ministry equipping. For information on Sunday School classes contact Pastor Russ (email hidden; JavaScript is required).

Fall 2020 Bible Classes starting September 27, 2020:

Science and Christianity

– A study of the historical relationship of science and Christianity from the first century AD to Galileo (d. 1642). We will explore topics such as the role of hermeneutics in how Christians have interpreted the Creation narratives of Genesis, Augustine’s theory of biblical accommodation, the role of mediaeval monasteries in preserving the Bible and ancient Greek scientific manuscripts, and the influence of the Protestant Reformation on the Scientific Revolution. The course will be taught by Dr. Gary Ferngren.

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In order to better understand the meaning of Paul’s letter to the Romans we embark on a verse by verse study of Paul’s Letter including language, grammar, and the historical and cultural background influencing Paul’s writing. Included in this study are teachings about the use of simple Bible tools and methods applicable to the study of any book of Scripture. Teacher: Dr. Jerome Wernow.