New Life in Christ

Elder Reflection 
When you give your life to Christ, things change—you change. Some are warm to the idea of such a shift, while some are apprehensive because they don’t know quite what to expect. New Christians find, however, that new life in Christ results in changes they wanted to make all along, but were unable to do so without God’s help. They also find a sense of peace unlike any other, and a renewed sense of purpose for living. And that’s just the short list.
This is a quote from Dr. Jack Graham, a Southern Baptist Pastor who captures the essence of “new life in Christ” better than I could say it. When I was a new believer in Christ in April of 1980, it was a profound change. I woke up every day and my first thoughts were thank you Lord for a new day, when previously I was tired of life. I had an alarm clock that usually woke me up and the sight of it said “Jesus loves you” to me when I opened my eyes. That was wonderful but I have to admit that the intensity didn’t last. I learned over time that the Lord was perusing me but that it wasn’t a one way street. We all need a revival every once in a while because life can easily slip into a routine and when that happens some of the excitement can fade.
I am fascinated with stories of finding treasure. I like to think of my relationship with Christ as a treasure that sometimes gets lost and I need to find it again. Starting the day with the Lord Jesus in prayer and reading His word is the best way for me to relocate my treasure on a regular basis. However, sometimes I need more. Reading about God moving in other Christians lives, fellowshipping with other believers at church or with a small group keeps me revived. The most recent event that was helpful in this way was the Men’s Summit at Camp Tadmor. It was a time of realizing that I am not alone in my pursuit. We were in several ways treated to other peoples stories, not just in the big group meetings but one on one as well.

Dale Durrell
On behalf of the FBC Elders.