True Confidence


Pastor Steve Thomas

1 John 3:18-24

True Confidence_Sermon Notes

Going Deeper:

  1. Read 1 John 3:18-24 & John 15:1-17. Note any shared ideas or words.
  2. How does John say we can know we are “of the truth”? What role does our heart play? Why does John ultimately point us to God?
  3. Would you say your heart is more confident or conflicted about God’s love for you and His work in your life? Where are you looking for your assurance?
  4. How might your life change if you developed a greater confidence in God’s love for you and His commitment to your becoming more like Christ?
  5. Read John 15:1-9. Analyze the imagery. Who are the vine, the branches and gardener? Who does what? What are two encouragements to your faith in John 15:1-17?

Spiritual Exercise: John teaches that we can calm our troubled hearts by contemplating the greatness of God and the fact that He knows all things. This week, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to an opportunity to tangibly love someone for Christ’s sake. If you

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