Song of Deliverance


Pastor Russ Richmond

Psalms 18

Psalm 18_Sermon Notes

Digging Deeper as YOU DIG THE PSALMS this SUMMER:

  1. How does any psalm you read relate to the purpose and message of the whole collection, summarized in Psalms 1 & 2?
  2. Is there any indication of what occasion or author or time period this prayer came out of?
  3. How is this a Messianic Psalm? How do we read it as followers of Jesus?  Does it predict Jesus, tie into His life, reflect a prayer He could have prayed or we could pray to Him? How does it connect to the kingdom of the Son and the promised blessing that God will pour into it?
  4. How could you pray this prayer or sing this song? Does it remind you of a song you know that you could sing right now?
  5. THE BLESSED LIFE: How are you blessed? How can you seek God’s blessing?  How can you bless God’s name, the name of Yahweh, where you are in your life, dry or abundant?


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