Hope For Hardened Paths


Pastor Steve Thomas

Mark 4:1-20

Sermon Two_Hard Path

Going Deeper:

  1. Read Mark 4:1-20.
  2. What are some different ways to describe hearing? What kind of “hearing” is Jesus talking about in this parable?
  3. How would you describe the problem of the path and the seed? Can you think of any examples from the Bible or your life that illustrate this?
  4. What are some ways Satan seeks to steal the Word from you or others?
  5. Putting aside thoughts of initial salvation, is the “path” a fitting description of your present spiritual life? Why or why not?
  6. Spiritual Exercise: In prayer, ask the Holy Spirit to show you if an area of
    hardness has developed in your heart that is stopping you from experiencing God’s life-giving and transforming Word. If you become aware of an area of hardness, thank God for showing you this, confess the hardness to the Lord, and ask Him to help you break up that ground as you meditate on His grace and love for you, seeking to receive His Word in faith.


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