5.23.21 Worship Gathering – Sermon, Announcements, & Resources


Sunday Worship 5.23.21

FBC Bulletin:FBCBulletin5.23.21

WORSHIP SERVICE: (10:30) There will be three “movements” to the service:

      CELEBRATION: for what the Lord has done and given FBC

(Children will be dismissed to Kid’s Church)

      CONFESSION: of what we need to humbly bring before Him

      COMMITMENT: to what we are trusting Him for as we move forward

For each of these sections, there will be:

  • A Scripture and worship music
  • Specific prayer examples in the bulletin to prompt these kinds of prayers in you
  • A designated time for personal prayer and public testimony and prayer:

Those who participate in person will need to be brief and speak from a microphone.

Those who are on-line can submit a prayer during the service that can be read.

To submit a prayer or praise ahead of this Sunday for any section, please email:

email hidden; JavaScript is required

LUNCH TOGETHER: Following the service there will be a fellowship lunch at 12:00 of pizza served (with appropriate COVID precautions) in the Fellowship Hall with additional room in the Gym.

PRAYER & PRAISE: From 1:00 – 2:00 there will be one hour of prayer back in the Sanctuary (with Zoom capability).

Here are some set-up steps which may make your Sunday service Zoom experience more enjoyable:

  1. Click the above zoom link to enter the zoom call.

  2. You may navigate to the upper right corner to change the viewing format, see below:

    1. Click on the icon on in the top right corner (fig. 1);

      1. “Speaker View” to see a large screen view of the active speaker

      2. “Gallery View” to see all of the people in the service

    2. To lock two larger screens (active speaker and overhead screen) follow these steps;

      1. From the gallery view find “Host” and click on the three dots then click “Pin” (fig. 2) you will need to unpin people when they are finished speaking

      2. Change your view to “Speaker View” (fig. 1)

      3. Maximize the size of the video feed by moving the dividing bar to the left (fig. 3)

    3. Once your screen is organized the way you like it, select “Fullscreen” option from the top right icon (fig. 1), enter full screen view to make the display larger (fig. 4)

Kids Ministry

Sunday Morning- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This Sunday is the Solemn Assembly

We will be having a special worship service starting at 10:30 am to Celebrate, Confess and Commit to what the Lord is calling us to do as a church.  There will be Preschool Church and K-5th Kids Church during the worship service.  At noon we will have a pizza lunch in the Fellowship Hall & Gym and all are invited.  At 1 pm we will resume our Solemn assembly in person and via zoom.  I would like to hear from you if you plan to be at the church in person for the 1 pm final session and need childcare.  I am guessing that those who have younger children may need to be home to accommodate naps for your children and you may zoom in to the 1 pm gathering. It would be a great help to me to hear from you ASAP, so that I can get volunteers at the ready to take care any kids who plan to be in person during the 1 pm session.  Thanks for letting me know on such short notice.   (Email email hidden; JavaScript is required)

Kids classes are in person this Sunday.  Online options are linked below.
Good News!  We have opened up Children’s Ministry during the worship service for Preschool Church and K-5th Kids Church!  As things open up more and as families feel more comfortable in regathering, we will look next to open up the Nursery during Worship service.  Stay tuned for more updates!  So happy to have kids and families back in the building!  You are greatly missed!
Preschool Church (In-person and Online lessons) 
Preschoolers will be learning abouhow Abraham’s son Isaac finds a godly wife – Rebekah. If you are joining us from home please use the link below.
Sundays’ Lesson: Isaac & Rebekah

K-5th Kids Church (In- person and Online lessons)
K-5th Kids are starting a new unit called The People Restored which covers lessons on Esther, Nehemiah, Ezra and the prophet Malachi. This Sunday’s lesson is about how God made Esther queen to protect His people.  If you are joining us from home please use the link below.
Sunday’s lesson is called “Esther Saved Her People”.

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