A Firm Hope and A Sure Song


Pastor Steve Thomas

Daniel 2

A Firm Hope and Sure Song_Sermon Notes

Going Deeper:

  1. Read Daniel chapter 2. Who are the main characters? What roles do they play?
  2. Based on this account, what words would you use to describe the king, the king’s advisors, Daniel (and the guys), and God?
  3. The author of the book of Daniel intended for this account to provide something needed for God’s people to live faithfully in a mostly “God-less” society. What are some ideas the author conveys? Do you need to hear these in your life?
  4. Where do you see the end of “Babylonian” thinking? When it comes to fully knowing life, the future, and who we are and God is, what is needed?
  5. How does this story challenge you or comfort you?
  6. Spiritual Exercise: Reflect on what gave Daniel the confidence to sing worship while in exile. Read the “song” a few times in Daniel 2:20-23. How is God
    encouraging you to live firmly and faithfully in your experience of “exile’? How can you act in faith?


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