Advent: Joy


Pastor Steve Thomas

Ruth 4

Joy_Sermon Notes

Going Deeper:

  • Read the book of Ruth. Pay close attention to the blessings and prayers of the characters. Re-read chapter 4. What are the two major scenes in chapter 4?
  • How has God brought about restoration to Naomi and Ruth? Think specifically–what was lost, prayed for, and brought to them by God?
  • Who can you relate to in this chapter? How come?
  • What seems to be the central focus of the author? Is it Ruth’s love story? Naomi’s happiness? Or something else?
  • What do you learn in this chapter about how to reflect God’s character in the world?
  • Where do you see joy emerging in the story? How is joy responsive?
  • Spiritual Exercise: Both Boaz and Ruth display gratuitous¬†hessed (loving loyalty) even though it would have been reasonable to act differently. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you a specific opportunity in which you can choose to act with gratuitous¬†hessed. Trust the Lord. Act in faith.

2018 Advent Reading: Joy

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