Advent: Peace


Pastor Steve Thomas

Ruth 2

Peace_Sermon Notes

Going Deeper:

  • Read the book of Ruth. Re-read chapter 2. Sketch an outline of the chapter separating the chapter into scenes around narration and dialogue.
  • What is the narrators’ purpose in providing you information in 2:1?
  • What role does providence play in Ruth chapter 2?
  • How do you relate to Ruth in this story? How about Boaz?
  • Look up the Hebrew word shalom (Peace) in Vines O.T. Dictionary and then watch this video on “Peace”. What is one thing you learn about biblical peace?
  • Ruth experiences God’s giving fullness–shalom–to her through Boaz giving her a place, protection, and provision. How has Jesus restored shalom to you in like fashion? What is yet to come?
  • Spiritual Exercise: Reflect on Psalm 36. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal if you are seeking refuge under the shadow of God’s wing or something/someone else. Where are you looking for peace? If you have been seeking peace from someone/something other than Christ, repent and return to Christ’s person and work, knowing how great is His love and endless His mercy.

2018 Advent Reading: Peace

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