Growing: Transforming Our Fears


Pastor Steve Thomas

Psalm 121; Philippians 1:27-28; 2:12-13; 4:4-7

Transforming Our Fears_Sermon Notes

Going Deeper:

  • Read Philippians 1:27-28. What is Paul’s controlling though for the Philippians?
  • Read Philippians 4:4-7. What are the commands? What are the facts?
  • In the context of Paul’s writing and the recipients reading, why would knowing the facts in vv. 4-7 be so important to obeying the commands?
  • How might fears (or anxieties) threaten Paul’s desire in Philippians 1:27?
  • How do worship and prayer work to alleviate our fears?
  • Spiritual Exercise: Set aside time to pray, asking the Holy Spirit: “Where is fear rather than faith controlling me?” Write a short prayer including affirmations of God’s greatness and goodness, acknowledgment of your fear, and request for God’s help to act in humble courageous love. When next face with this fear, stop and pray this prayer, then act in faith.

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