Reality & A Defiant Hope


Pastor Steve Thomas

Daniel 7

Reality and Defiant Hope_Sermon Notes

Going Deeper:

  1. Read Daniel 7 straight through 3 times.
  2. Without attaching a beast to a historical kingdom, but as a group, what do they seem to represent about human kingdoms in general?
  3. Quickly read (or reflect on) Genesis 1-3. How could the biblical narrative of creation, fall, and redemption help you understand the beasts and “son of man”?
  4. The author crafted this chapter to instill courage in the face of suffering. What are some ways the author exalts God and diminishes the beastly kings?
  5. How do you relate to Daniel’s reactions to his vision? How did Daniel proceed to live in light of this vision? (Note—this was during Belshazzar’s reign.)
  6. Watch The Bible Project ( video titled “The Son of Man”” or read the article by Kyle Blevins at about “Son of Man”. What did you learn?

Spiritual Exercise: Daniel’s reaction to God’s vision was anxiety—a “troubled spirit”. That is understandable! What is troubling you right now? Daniel sought information from God to alleviate his anxiety. This wasn’t wrong but didn’t help much. Yet, his vision of the “Ancient of Days” does gives hope. Remembering God’s rule helps relieve our troubled spirits. So, memorize Psalm 121 and use it to kindle defiant hope

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