The Cadence of Christmas: Stillness


Pastor Steve Thomas

Psalm 46 & Mark 6:31-32

Stillness_Sermon Notes

Going Deeper:

  1. Consider what it will take to make stillness practice effective this Advent season.
  2. Do you find stillness comfortable? How about stillness before the Lord? How can Jesus’ invitation in Mark 6:31-32 help you anticipate stillness?
  3. Where will the threats to stillness during Advent come from in your life? How can you guard stillness?
  4. Consider the sources of busyness in your life? Any patterns or practices? Is there anything under the surface of the busy which you need to talk about with God?
  5. Stillness means solitude and silence for the purposes of connecting with God. What will you do to foster connection in your times of stillness this Advent? (Consider—reflect on scripture;  read a Christmas devotional; sing and/or reflect on Christmas carols; journal; pray; draw; paint; walk hike retreat to the beach, closet, or cabin; wake up early; turn your phone off; etc.)


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