The Seed and The Sower


Pastor Steve Thomas

Mark 4:1-20

Sermon One_Seed and Sower

Going Deeper:

  1. Read Mark 4:1-20 noting occurrences of the words “hear” and “word.”
  2. Who is with Jesus in vv.1-9? Who is present in vv.10-20? Who responded to Jesus’ exhortation to use their ears in v.9?
  3. What are some shared characteristics of Jesus’ “word” and a “seed”?
  4. How does the parable encourage you? How does it challenge you?
  5. If the “gospel” or “word” is so powerful, what is something you can do to help that word continue to be heard in your life?
  6. Spiritual Exercise: Ask the Holy Spirit to bring a verse, Psalm, Bible story, or biblical truth, to your mind this week. This “word” may be a verse you have known for years, something a friend shares with you, or a part of your
    devotional reading. When it lands in your heart, receive it and let it grow.


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