Transformation By Participation


Pastor Steve Thomas

Matthew 4:18-20; 28:18-20 Romans 12:1-2

Transformation by Participation_Sermond Notes

Worship service 3/15/2020

Posted by First Baptist Church of Corvallis on Sunday, March 15, 2020

Going Deeper:

  1. Read Matthew chapters 5-7 the “Sermon on the Mount”
  2. Jesus makes some powerful assertions about who is “blessed” in 5:3-12. Which statement speaks to you? What is God asking of you?
  3. Read the rest of the sermon (5:13-7:27). Read this same section again, but when you read a passage that speaks to you—STOP. What is the
    passage? Why did this one stand out? Thank God for His voice!
  4. When you have the passage God pointed out to you, ask Jesus to speak to you through it. What would repenting look like for you in relationship to this passage? What would obedience look like? Where is He leading?
  5. Remember, our relationship with God is established and continued by grace through faith in Christ. Therefore, repentance is a gift of hope, not a sign of failure! Turn to God. Walk in obedience with Jesus into His
    transforming work. Obey His voice and follow Him.

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