Wisdom in Resistance


Pastor Steve Thomas

Daniel 1

Wisdom In Resistance_ Sermon Notes

Going Deeper:

  1. Read Daniel chapter 1 and Matthew 22:15-22. Does anything stand out to you? What are some ways these two passages connect with each other?
  2. Daniel’s resolution to temporarily abstain from food from the king’s table, yet submitting to (and utilizing parts of) secular education, appearance, and names in service to the king, is an example of his resolve not to defile himself. Why do you think he made this choice? How does that help inform you about living for God in our cultural moment?
  3. Neither the author of Daniel, nor Jesus in Matthew, provides a clear list of “do’s” and “do nots” when it comes to living faithfully in a corrupting culture. What might the reason be? How does this challenge you to live?
  4. Where do you see Daniel demonstrating Christ-likeness in his act of resistance?
  5. Spiritual Exercise: Read Daniel’s resolve and Jesus’ exhortation again. Pray about them. Listen to the Holy Spirit prompting you. Is this resolve of heart one you share with Daniel? Do you need to make it? Do you need to honor it today?


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