Site Manager

Site Manager

Brothers and Sisters,
Together with the business management team the Elders are excited to inform you that we have hired Dave Geiman (resume attached) to be our Site Manager starting Jan. 1st!  We would like to thank the interview team for serving during this process (Roman Gillen, Daryl Anderson, Brooke Staples, Joe Harman and Daniel Peterson).
This new position will entail the following:
  • Physical properties: He will lead our physical properties team in looking after our; buildings, grounds and other property issues.
  • Business management:  He will lead our business management team who oversees our budget, financial tracking & reporting and intake of monies (this team includes our treasurer who oversees the books and is not on staff).
  • Operations: He and Brooke will control the day-to-day going-ons at the church buildings; room rentals, calendar upkeep and so many other things!

This is a double occasion for celebration!

  1. We will be having a “get to know Dave” event later this month or next month, where the congregation will be invited to join as we welcome Dave.
  2. We will be having a retirement party for Dale, December 30th during the Sunday School hour.  He has faithfully served our church for 36 years!  Join us as we celebrate together!
If you have any questions please let us know!


Daniel, for the Elders.

On behalf of the FBC Elders.